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 Anti Social Club-Collaborations


Collaborating requires mixing and matching super creative ideas and creating even more attractive pieces for our fans and followers. We want to create fashionistas for the future with our ASSC clothing line! A plain hoodie or cap is an empty canvas on which you can paint anything, add embellishments, or even play with some tie-dye, and it transforms into an entirely different fashion piece that looks amazing!

One of the many reasons Antisocial Social Club is so famous among teens and adults worldwide is the popularity it gained after pairing up with some of the biggest names in the world. Collaborations, in this regard, are super important for our brand and product diversity.

Top Products for You!

Below, we’ve listed some of the latest products that are available in this category:

 ●    Anti Social Social Club x Honda Hoodies

 When streetwear meets car racers, the result is bound to be the most excellent and edgiest design possible! Although the idea of Honda collaborating with ASSC might seem a little confusing, the end product is worth it.

●    Anti Social Social Club x BTS tee-shirts

 Being one of the most fantastic attractions in today’s pop culture, BTS is the perfect name to collaborate with to create super-cool and trendy streetwear. This boyband is so famous among young boys and girls that they would do anything to get their hands on attractive BTS streetwear at affordable prices.

 ●    Anti Social Social Club x Hello Kitty Hats

 For all the hot pink lovers out there, this collection is the definition of perfect! A collaboration with a world-famous attraction, Hello Kitty, was great news for all the fans belonging to the younger age groups, especially their hot-pink hats!

 ●    Playboy x Anti-Social Social Club Apparel

 If you like your streetwear bold and attractive, this one is the perfect option for you.  Targeting the teenage and adult audience, this launch set the stores on fire! With the playboy bunny logo and simple hoodie, these are perfect for minimalist fashion.


Anti-Social Social Club has always had a reputation to maintain- of producing incredibly inclusive apparel that is show-stopping and makes people feel confident in their bodies. Not only are these pieces super functional and affordable, but they also give you a lot of room for fitting. This apparel looks good with any pieces of clothing you wear it with.


Quality is one thing ASSC has never compromised on, especially while collaborating with world-famous brands. With a fan following this huge, we have a reputation to maintain and a standard to follow, which is why we use pure and comfortable cotton to make our apparel. This is why ASSC is also enough to keep you warm in the winter season! Moreover, the tee shirts are light and breezy and can be worn throughout the year.


Each collaboration released had its color theme, and each one was hotter than the previous! With Honda, solid-colored black and white hoodies with the infamous and dope Honda logo on the front was indeed a great idea. Similarly,  The Hello Kitty x Anti Social Social Club had a hot pink color theme which attracted the female audience more. Moreover, the pink playboy bunny on black solid-colored tee-shirts and hoodies also blew everyone’s minds.


Being inclusive of all body shapes and sizes, Anti Social Social Club has a lot of variety in their collaboration merch. This is so all fans can enjoy wearing this super cool streetwear, and no one has to pull back on his favorite hoodie or tee shirt. Having S, M, L, XL, and XXL in both hoodies and tees at our store, you will never have trouble finding your correct size.


One of the first things we consider while launching new merch is their quality and the fabric used in manufacturing them. While collaborating with huge brands, we make sure you receive a product made up of pure cotton or wool and is sustainable. Our merch does not deteriorate with time no matter how much you wash or iron which is the best thing. These hoodies also keep you warm during the winter season and are perfect for casual wear, streetwear, and working out as well. The tee-shirts are also made up of pure cotton and are super light and breezy.

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