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Anti Social Social Club Wild Life T-Shirt




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Green, Orange, Black, Blue, Red, White, Yellow

5 reviews for Anti Social Social Club Wild Life T-Shirt

  1. Jordan Doolette

    Finally, one with half-length sleeves and body. I generally wear a big in true men’s sizes, but I frequently have to order an XL in metro or unisex sizes. I’m 6’3″ with a 44-inch chest and weigh 200 pounds, and the large fits 6-8 inches below my waist, has sufficient (but not excessive) space in the shoulders, and the sleeves don’t appear too tiny. This is my new favorite tee.

  2. Layla Sullivan

    like these tees, They come as a set of two. I use them on a regular basis at home or when working outside. They were quite comfortable with me. I’m wearing an X-Large. I’m approximately 5′ 8″ tall and have a medium athletic build. So far, there have been no issues with washing them. I wash and softly dry them in eco-warm or cold water. Most t-shirts will shrink if you use hot water and over-dry them. It also features a handy small pocket. I highly suggest these tees. The shirt is 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester, according to the label. Made in the United States. I’m sure I’ll buy some more.

  3. Brodie Gillen

    These are fantastic. They last longer than the other brand, and the breast pocket is convenient. Because of the wicking, this is an excellent summer garment. Just make sure you don’t get the 100% cotton one by accident since it is a one-of-a-kind item. Also, keep an eye on the amount you spend for them and only buy when the price is correct. The latest collection will undoubtedly be purchased again.

  4. Toby Childe

    These are my primary work clothes, which I purchased. Whereas my old ones from the large box department shop (or anyplace really) wore holes relatively quickly, they have stood up to the wear and tear of ‘homework, as well as the washings and dryings in between. I ordered four pairs, and I only wear them. Except when I leave the house. Aside from that, the black conceals the oil marks that are unavoidably left on any clothing when working on a car. I converted two pairs of nice jeans into work-around-the-house jeans, but nothing is visible on these (black) shirts

  5. Nicholas

    Shirts, excellent work! I wear 3X shirts, which are a bit smaller than Fruit of the Loom sizes. Fruit of the Loom started utilizing terrible fabric in its shirts, but the Antisocial shirts utilize far superior fabric. We adore these Antisocial Club tees! Excellent quality! You can’t go wrong with these stylish t-shirts. Also, nice colors!

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